The Virtues Campus program includes a two-year, in-depth study of the Scriptures that not only changes hearts and lives, but which has also shaped western civilization. Students gain a biblical understanding that leads to a mature faith and renewed passion to live as disciples of Jesus and servant leaders.

Old Testament

This course is an unforgettable, in-depth journey through all 39 books of the Old Testament. It follows the flow of biblical history from creation to the Transjordan, from the Conquest to the Babylonian Exile, and the Pre-exilic and Exilic Prophets. Special attention is given to how God has always related to his people through covenant – and how grace has been the cornerstone of God’s dealings with humanity since the very beginning. Students gain eye-opening insights into the culture, traditions, and prevailing religious views which enable them to fully grasp the enormity and profundity of Jesus the Messiah’s mind and message.

New Testament

This course is a comprehensive journey through the Postexilic Period, the birth of Judaism, and the 27 books of the New Testament. It follows the history of the Jews’ return from Babylon, the life and writings of the Postexilic community, Messianic expectations at the time of Jesus, the Gospels and Acts and first century Judaism, and the New Testament writings. Through the life and death of this radical rabbi Jesus God’s kingdom breaks into human history to begin its eternal reign. The birth and history of the Church begins and God’s people are still writing the last chapters of the Book of Acts.