Casting Aside the Cookie-Cutter Approach

Following high school, Rebekah Strecker knew what she wanted in a college.
The problem was finding it.
Raised in a Christian household and homeschooled, Rebekah wanted to continue on with a biblical education in a local, personal environment. However, the Twin Cities resident was met with limited options.
“I’ve never really wanted that experience of living on a big college campus and those things, but having that Christian aspect and teachings was important to me,” she said. “It was hard to find that with what was offered around here.”
Rebekah also considered attending bible school, but she didn’t want to pause her career path.
“You don’t get the same academics with bible school, and I couldn’t work toward the degree I wanted,” she said.
Rebekah enrolled in Anoka Ramsey Community College in Coon Rapids to earn credits toward a business degree, but she kept her eyes open for other options.
That’s when she found The Virtues Campus.
The program offered just what she had been seeking — a personal approach with mentoring from an academic pastor, Christ-centered teachings, and an avenue to pursue the college degree of her choice.
“I could go to Virtues and still finish what I started at Anoka Ramsey,” Rebekah said. “It’s all worked out really well.”
Rebekah will attend The Virtues Campus in Coon Rapids this fall as she continues her work toward her associate’s degree in business. While she is unsure of her plans after that, she said she is considering a career in interior design.
Rebekah’s decision was met with praise from her parents, who were impressed with The Virtues Campus’ innovative approach.
“The thing I like about Virtues is that it takes the biblical studies and puts it into life,” said her father, Bill. “It’s not just looking at it historically, but it’s the application of it. And that relationship with the academic pastor who is guiding you into life — you don’t get that many other places.”
Bill noted that Rebekah’s brother and sister attend large college campuses, and while that approach can work for some students, he knew Rebekah needed something different.
“Going to a cookie-cutter program wasn’t ever going to fit her,” he said. “She’s always looked at what she’s really wanted to do, and then find the pieces she needs to build that.”
Rebekah added that one of those pieces has been the financial aspect. Ever since taking a class about the impact debt can have on a person’s life, she has made sure to keep cost in mind when making her decisions about college.
“Virtues is very affordable,” she said. “And with the academics and mentoring, they’ll get me to the right places afterward.”

Are you interested in a more personal approach to a Christ-centered education like Rebekah? Contact us or apply today!