Living Locally: 3 Reasons Why Attending College Close to Home Could Be Right for You

College-bound students were once limited to certain expectations — you move away from home to attend school, stay on campus, and have the traditional, typical college experience.

Times have changed.

There no longer is a “typical” college experience. Many students take classes online.  Others attend college in person but are on campus only sporadically, leaving often to work at their part-time jobs. Others yet take time away following high school before resuming their educations.

You have to find the path that is right for you.

For some students, this means staying close to home to attend school, or even continuing to live with family while working toward a degree.

Lynnea, for example, did not want to give up the business she worked to establish to attend college. By taking classes locally, she grew her business of teaching violin and continued to develop her gift of music.

Like Lynnea’s story shows, you don’t have to travel to have an adventure. Is attending school close to home right for you? Here are three advantages to consider:

You can continue your passions.

By attending school locally, you'll stay a part of your community, which means you can continue to pursue your passions in the ways you have already established.

Your path may be similar to Lynnea’s as you work to grow your own business. Or you might already be working for a company you love in your field of interest, but you need more education to advance your career.

Perhaps you want to continue volunteer work with your favorite group, or you want to stay active with your home church.

Staying local allows you to get your degree without leaving part of yourself behind.

You can find more support.

College is a stressful time and transitioning can be difficult, and it’s nice to have familiar faces nearby. Most colleges and universities have resources to aid students staying on campus during tough times, but it helps when you can get that support face-to-face from your family.

By attending a local school, it also will be easier to stay in touch with your friends. While some may move away for their own plans, others will remain close, growing your support network even more.

Of course, part of college is meeting new people. But you don’t need to move away to do so. You’ll encounter plenty of new, interesting people through your classes, internships, and community service learning opportunities.

You can save money.

If you are in a position to live with family while you attend a local school, the financial advantages can be enormous.

The average cost for room and board for both public and private colleges and universities has eclipsed $10,000 per year. To get a four-year degree, you’re looking at a bill of more than $40,000 just to stay on campus.

Also, don’t forget about other miscellaneous expenses, such as laundry, that add up over time.

Removing all of these can drastically reduce your costs — and future debt — for getting the same education you would on campus.

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