Taking Online College Classes? Here’s Why You Should Add to Them Now.

Online classes are great.

They’re typically more affordable. They teach many real-world skills, such as virtual communication and self-discipline. And they’re flexible.

Instead of rushing to campus, you can take your time and study at the local coffee shop. Or, if you’re a night owl, you can be in your virtual classroom at 2 a.m. in your pajamas.

Online classes are great.

But, if you’re taking ONLY online classes, you could be missing out.

Even with the advantages online courses provide, they can’t duplicate some aspects of on-campus learning. This is where blended programs, also known as hybrid programs, can fill the gap.

Blended programs combine traditional face-to-face instruction with online learning. The goal is to provide the advantages of both methods and maximize results for students.

If you’re already taking online classes but feel like something could be missing in your education, a blended program could be right for you. Here are a few reasons to consider one.

Increased Guidance

Blended programs add a more personal touch that can make a large impact on academic progress. Many students find it more helpful to speak with their instructors on campus versus online. In-person guidance also increases accountability, which helps you stay on track for your degree.

With some programs, instructors even take on a mentoring role, helping students find direction and assisting them as they travel their path.

Face-to-Face Interaction

Research is showing a decline in people’s social skills as a result of technology use, and employers are concerned about a lack of interpersonal skills in younger generations. By adding on-campus time to online studies, you can increase your social interactions in a positive way and add skills that employers are seeking.

Face-to-face interaction with fellow students, instructors, and other individuals involved in your program also increases your opportunities for networking. It’s never too early to start building relationships for your future.

Biblical Worldview

Many online programs that fit students’ academic needs do not offer the worldview that they seek. By adding on-campus biblical studies, you can receive the Christ-centered education you’re looking for while still getting the degree you want.

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