Thought a Private, Christian College Education Was Out of Reach? It's Not!

A Christian college education provides a worldview that allows students to apply Christ’s life and teachings to all aspects of life, but you don’t have to attend an expensive school to get it.

Take courses online through any institution, such as a local community college, and The Virtues Campus will inject faith into your education with our on-campus program. Virtues allows you to look at the courses you are taking with a biblical lens to apply your education in an effective and meaningful way.

If you’d prefer to enroll in a Christian college, we have also partnered with one of the finest in the Midwest — Waldorf University.

Our partnership allows students to enroll online with Waldorf at a discounted tuition rate while receiving guidance and biblical teaching through the Virtues’ on-campus program.

A private, Christian college education is within your reach. Let us help you grab it! Apply today.