Audience of One

No question resonates deeper in the restless souls of those entering their college years than the question, “What is the purpose of my life?”  It may be asked earlier - or later - in life, but never more intensely than in those wonderful years between ages 18 and 25!  How does one choose well a midst so much to choose from?
It is because of the critical and life-shaping nature of these choices that a Virtues education challenges students to embrace the notion of calling.  The deepest meaning in life is found in discovering and then living out one’s call.  Nothing has changed individuals, families, nations, and societies more. 
In reading Os Guiness’ book, Rising to the Call, our students were challenged to listen above all to the call of God on their lives – not the call of others.  Surrounded by other voices, whether aware of it or not, we often do things with an eye to the approval of some audience or another.  In so doing, we can miss the call of God.  As Guinness states,

“A life lived listening to the decisive call of God is a life lived before
one audience that trumps all others – the Audience of One.” 

It is this truth that guest speaker, Ron McConico, shared with our students this month.   Guest speakers bring into the classroom how their Christian faith is lived out in their professions.  Ron shared his life’s experiences which took him from growing up in the hood, living on the streets, and encountering the risen Christ, to being executive director of Youth Resources in the Twin Cities.  Ron discovered that there was a Caller there and when he responded in obedience to His call life changed.  Ron discovered the truth that our primary calling is to Someone, not to something.  Our secondary calling, our careers, then flows out of that primary call.  We are called to use the talents and skills we’ve been given to serve God by serving others.  Ron challenged us to discover and know our talents and gifts.  When we are obedient in using them to serve others, he said, “miraculous things will happen!”