What's Your Next Move?

Many students ask themselves “what’s my next move?” in high school, and maybe a little in college. But once a student chooses a college, a major, and a career it can be easy to forget to ask yourself this question. The Virtues Campus wants to challenge students to continue asking this question throughout their education and their life. We challenge them to have an end-goal in mind and to pursue it.
We challenge our students to move forward purposefully in their lives. They watched the movie, Life of a King. This film tells the true story of Eugene Brown (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), an ex-convict who starts a Chess Club for inner-city youth in Washington, D.C. Brown emphasizes planning for your end goals and preparing for what lies ahead.
In the film, Gooding Jr. as Brown says,

Chess is no different than life. These suburban kids, they know they get good grades, they go off to college. They know they’ll own their own business someday – they envision the end-game. But poor kids don’t think like that… I was taught like that. I didn’t see the end-game, and it cost me, man, it cost me big.

Our guest speaker in December, Matt Frame, talked about his experiences and how planning for “the end game” has been important in his life.  He shared three important points.  First, we don’t always know where God is leading us in the here and now as we go through certain events and experiences but that clarity often comes as we look back on those times, seeing then God’s hand at work.  Second, we need to make intentional moves and faith moves, using our best human understanding in a situation but also relying on God to guide us.  Third, we need always to keep our eyes on the end game, the goal.