'Financial Friday' Making An Impact

As students head off to college each year, many are doing so without basic financial skills.
Skills such as budgeting, debt management, and financial decision-making should be in every student’s repertoire, yet many schools do not address these areas.
At The Virtues Campus, we work to provide our students with these vital skills. Doing so not only helps them during their college years, but it also builds an important foundation for later in life.
“Every other Friday at Virtues is called ‘Financial Friday,’” said Dr. David Glesne, president of The Virtues Campus. "Students move to the student lounge for a free-flowing conversation about financial psychology, budgeting, economics and government, account management, and investing. I’m finding they really like to talk about money!”
The Financial Psychology unit develops an understanding of how this psychology relates to achieving financial and lifestyle goals. Students explore these concepts by looking in-depth at how personality, goals, dreams, and emotions can affect their attitudes toward money.
The Budgeting unit is designed to help students develop understanding about positive budgeting, savings, and spending habits. Through practical scenarios, they learn to create monthly budgets and savings plans.
Economics and Government provides an overview of taxes, how they affect take-home pay, and how to budget accordingly. This builds an in-depth understanding of the taxation process to build financial literacy.
Account Management introduces the banking process. Students learn how to choose a bank, what accounts they should have open, and how to manage those accounts in a professional manner.
“We desire our students to experience freedom in their financial lives,” Glesne said. “We want them to become knowledgeable, wise, and skillful money managers – which will pay incredible dividends for a lifetime to come!”