The Virtues Campus Welcomes New Students For Pioneer Year

The Virtues Campus kicked off a groundbreaking new school year this week as it launched its full program for the first time.
The first of its kind, The Virtues Campus is an educational Christian ministry that offers a faith-based, on-campus experience for students taking online college classes. Students also can enroll in The Virtues Campus while taking courses at a local college, or utilize it as a standalone program.
Last school year, The Virtues Campus offered a pilot program, with students meeting on campus once each week.
This year, students will get to experience the full program, meeting at a local church campus on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. They will study the Bible, develop critical thinking skills, and work through an intensive career-readiness program under the oversight and guidance of a trained academic pastor.
On Wednesday, The Virtues Campus held orientation to welcome its pioneer students. Classes will begin Sept. 7.
“With a pilot year behind it, The Virtues Campus excitedly welcomes its first-year students to its Coon Rapids, MN, campus this fall!” said The Virtues Campus President Dr. David Glesne, who also serves as the academic pastor for the Coon Rapids campus.
During orientation, the students introduced themselves and shared their goals. The incoming class consists of residents from numerous Twin Cities communities, with most students enrolled in The Virtues Campus’ partner, Waldorf University, or Anoka-Ramsey Community College. One student is also using The Virtues Campus program to expand on Biblical knowledge and career-readiness while taking a gap year.
“During the New Student Orientation, students expressed desire for a Christ-centered education that is affordable, hope that the Career Readiness course will help clarify career directions, desire to learn biblical history as preparation for a study time in Israel next June, and a wanting to understand differing world views so they can speak intelligently with adherents,” Glesne said. “I sensed expectancy and an eagerness to learn and grow!”