Eyes On The American Republic

As the country increasingly turns its eyes toward the White House and Capitol Hill with a new administration in place, students at The Virtues Campus too are turning their attention to the framework of the government to learn what makes America’s clock tick.
With the spring semester under way, students have begun studying “The American Republic.” The 16-week course offers a foundation for students to understand what the founders intended when they created the nation. Students learn the importance of leading a civic and virtuous life and how they can participate in our republic.
“The Virtues Campus is committed to fostering good citizenship in a free society and the most important thing one can do to participate in government and politics is to become educated,” said Dr. David Glesne, president of The Virtues Campus. “That is why we include ‘The American Republic’ in the Virtues curriculum, a course which explores our country’s founding principles and documents, illuminates our national identity, and rediscovers our American character. I am reminded of what Thomas Jefferson said: ‘If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.’”
Course objectives include:

  • Understanding the purposes of American government structures and organizations
  • Understanding the role political parties and political organizations play
  • Analyzing American principles and founding beliefs
  • Identifying political representatives at the federal, state and local levels
  • Examining current events and engaging in the political process

These objectives are taught through a combination of short videos, reading assignments, lectures, discussions and exams. Civic assignments also guide students toward being an engaged and active citizen.
“The American Republic” course is part of the “Truth in Action” section of curriculum at The Virtues Campus. Students study topics designed to foster a transformative understanding of biblical worldview and Christ-like character that can be applied across academic disciplines and all areas of life — personal, public, and professional.
For more information, contact The Virtues Campus at 651.401.1045 or Info@VirtuesCampus.com.