Former Governor Quie Visits The Virtues Campus

Students at The Virtues Campus received a special visit this month from former Minnesota Governor Al Quie, who stopped by the Coon Rapids classroom to encourage students and deliver a powerful message.
Quie’s primary challenge to the students was to live lives of radical integrity — a quality that has served him well during his 93 years.
“In his vast experiences both in private and public life, he has found that a character of honesty and integrity is a virtue of utmost importance,” said Dr. David Glesne, president of The Virtues Campus. “It is the way God calls us to live our lives before Him and with our fellow men.”
Each term, Academic Pastors schedule a guest speaker to visit the Career-Readiness class. These speakers are chosen for their ability to share business and career skills with the students. Guest speakers are business leaders in the community or leaders in the church or service organizations. The goal:
• Share a business level of expertise
• Create an investment from the community to Virtues
• Connect students to their community
• Provide networking for students as possible community service and internship training opportunities
Quie served as the 35th governor of Minnesota from 1979-1983 and as a member of the State Senate from 1955-1958 and the U.S. House from 1958-1979. He was briefly considered for Vice President of the U.S. in 1974.
As a dedicated and committed follower of Jesus, Quie told fascinating stories of sharing his Christian faith with other congressmen, times of prayer with those on the other side of the aisle, and the central part his faith in Christ has had in how he governed and served. He also asked each of the students to share briefly about their relationship with Christ. 
“In a day when many see our political leaders in a negative light, it was exceedingly good to hear how a political leader lived out his faith in the political arena,” Glesne said.
Glense added that Quie has been a friend and supporter of The Virtues Campus from its inception. In fact, it was in a bible study group that the politician suggested the name “Virtues” as the name for the church-college. 
“America’s Founding Fathers spoke much about the need for religion and virtue as essential ingredients for a solid and lasting foundation of the Republic,” he said. “If America is to remain free, only a virtuous people will be capable of sustaining a free society.”