And the survey says...

The cost of college was the primary concern for numerous families who shared their thoughts with The Virtues Campus at a state conference this past weekend.
The Virtues Campus distributed a survey — “What’s Your College Choice?”— to students and parents who attended the Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE) 2017 Conference held April 21-22 in St. Paul. The survey covered multiple areas about their upcoming decisions regarding college.
In ranking the most important factors behind college choice, cost was the top vote-getter, followed by programs/majors offered, worldview, location, and experiences/opportunities at the college.
The concerns fall in line with the trend of rising college costs. According to the most recent figures from The College Board, the average total for tuition, fees, and room and board for a public in-state college is $20,090 per year. Those totals jump to $35,370 per year for an out-of-state public college and $45,370 for a private college.
Our survey showed that 29% of the respondents expected their total college costs to be $50,000-$75,000 with another 29% expecting them to range from $25,000-$50,000. This was followed by 18% expecting $10,000-$25,000; 14% expecting under $10,000; and 10% expecting $75,000-$100,000.
Regarding how the families planned to pay for the majority of the costs, “student working” was the top answer. This was followed by scholarships, earning college credit in high school, loans/financial aid, and parents' savings/working.
Other responses of note:
• Of the respondents who had made their decision about attending college, 77% said they would attend a four-year college (44% public, 33% private). However, only 43% had decided on a major or career.
• Of all respondents, only 22% felt fully confident they were informed enough for making college decisions; 39% were moderately confident, while another 39% believed they needed to learn more.

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