Attitude Makes a Difference

A community activist and politician stressed the importance of a “servant attitude” to students at The Virtues Campus this week.
Jonathan Honerbrink, a candidate for mayor of Minneapolis, visited the Coon Rapids campus as a guest speaker to encourage students to follow Christ’s example in both politics and everyday life.
“There was no better example of a servant than Jesus,” he said. “He served his whole life … Every time he was with people, he gave everything from himself.”
Unfortunately, many politicians no longer serve the people they represent, instead focusing on what is best for their own interests, Honerbrink said. This is a problem that occurs on both sides of the aisle, he said.
Honerbrink then challenged the students to reverse this trend.
“Your generation is going to be the strongest generation in this nation’s history,” he said. “You will be ones who lead this country back in a manner just like the Constitutionalists did. We need you to learn how to serve.”
Even if students don’t envision a future in politics, they can still make an impact with whatever path they choose, Honerbrink said. The key will be their attitude.
“You are all going to do different things with your life,” he said. “And whatever your job is, you’re going to have frustrating days. Pray about it, and just remember, come in with a servant attitude. If you try and come in with a servant attitude and say, ‘God, help me do better today, help me serve the best way I can,’ and pray for that constantly, you will do phenomenal. But if you go in there with a demanding attitude, people push away from that.”
Honerbrink also encouraged the students to be informed about political issues and candidates, and to utilize their right to vote.
“People 18-22 don’t vote. They just don’t,” he said. “It’s a very small percentage, but you’re a large percentage of the population. It’s time you do, because you have a voice that needs to be heard.”