"More than a classroom"


Things are getting personal.
Personal-ized, that is.
With the fall semester coming to an end, students at The Virtues Campus have been busy putting their own spin on their classroom inside Calvary Lutheran Church in Golden Valley, MN.
Utilizing a grant from Thrivent Financial, the students got together recently with Virtues staff to help plan and make improvements to the back of the classroom to create a lounge area. Additions include bean bag chairs and a microwave/snack area.
Sadie, a first-year student, said she and her classmates have begun to spend more time together outside of class, and these changes will help offer a better setting for that.
“We wanted to make it more than a classroom,” she said. “We wanted to turn it into a place where we could stay after class and be comfortable.”
Another addition is a large whiteboard painted on the back wall. Earlier in the year, the students began using a small whiteboard as a “quote board,” and they quickly ran out of room.
“Whenever somebody says something inspirational or funny, we write it on the board,” said Sierra, another first-year student. “But it’s filled up so quickly, we wanted to make a bigger one.”
With the project about finished, the class is looking forward to a spring semester at a Virtues Campus that they helped design.
“It’s been pretty fun being a big part of changes to Virtues and to be able to put a personal touch on the classroom,” Sierra said.