Student Makes Dean's List at Waldorf College

After traveling the world, running a small business, and working for a Christian ministry, Laura Clawson was looking for her next adventure.

Laura, who was originally from Minnesota, returned to her home state and placed her focus on pursuing a college degree — something she had put on hold following high school.

“I felt the need to finish my degree and keep working on some achievable goals,” she said. “It’s easy to coast during seasons of life, and I needed a new and fresh challenge.”

Laura was looking into several avenues for education when she found The Virtues Campus, which combines online college courses with an on-campus presence at local churches. Academic pastors also help educate and mentor each group of students.

“I thought, ‘This is a really great alternative,’” she said. “This is a great idea — to combine church and school. It was for me.”

Laura also believed The Virtues Campus program to be more attractive than studying only through online classes, which can be isolating.

“I enjoy discussing ideas with my classmates and having others to bounce ideas around,” she said.

Laura enrolled in The Virtues Campus program last fall to pursue a degree in Organizational Leadership, and she quickly found academic success. Through her hard work and resources made available by Virtues, she made the Dean’s List last term at Waldorf College (the program’s accredited partner).

Laura credited The Virtues Campus for the direction she received regarding which classes to take. She said she also appreciates having an academic pastor who listens and discusses ideas.

“This mentoring relationship is different than a traditional student/teacher relationship as it goes past the academic scene,” she said. “My academic pastor cares about my actual life, not just the days I am at school.”

Laura said she also appreciated the tutoring assistance arranged by Virtues for her statistics class, which is known as one of the more challenging courses offered at Waldorf.

“It had been over seven years since any sort of math work, and I was pretty discouraged going into the class,” she said. “With the help of a tutor, I was able to grasp the concepts and actually enjoy working with numbers again! I’m grateful for the customized help.”

For students seeking an education with the flexibility and affordability of online learning coupled with a place that encourages personal growth, Laura said The Virtues Campus program is a great fit.

“It is a place where you will be able to grow as a person, but also achieve your goals, and achieve them within your budget,” she said.