"What do you want to be when you grow up?"


It’s a question we all face at some point in our lives. We hear it when we’re children. It gets louder as we go through high school. And for some of us, it remains unanswered into early — or even late — adulthood.
At The Virtues Campus, we work to not only give students an answer, but also to change the question:
“How do you choose a career so that you can live a life filled with purpose and passion?”
We know that finding purpose and direction is one of the most challenging things teenagers and young adults face. To help, we’ve designed an intensive career-readiness track within our program that helps students identify their talents and passions and prepares them to succeed.
Here’s how we do it:



The career discovery process begins before Day 1 of school. Immediately after acceptance, a student takes an online vocation assessment called Career Direct. This assessment focuses on four areas of self-awareness: personality, interests, skills, and values. 
This is followed by a certified Career Direct consultant spending 2.5 hours with the student, talking through and unpacking the details of the Career Direct report. 



The process continues and takes on breadth and depth in our “Vocation by Design” course. Under the guidance of an academic pastor and with the input of fellow students, the personal report is used as the basis for the very first course in the program. 
Students study the biblical view of vocation and evaluate their own career options in light of understanding their unique, God-purposed design.



In the courses that follow in the career readiness track, the process continues. Students explore potential vocations through research, informational interviews, and job shadowing in the prayerful process of narrowing down a career that fits who they are. Additionally, students receive instruction on vital skills such as creating a resume, interviewing for a position, making a good first impression, and building a portfolio.
Our program is designed for students to leave with confidence knowing they have the skills needed to succeed, and courage to embrace the challenges ahead!