+ Bible

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Scriptures and the Truths revealed in God’s Word. Mature your faith and renew your passion to live as a disciple of Jesus and a servant leader.

Genesis to Revelation: Old Testament

Journey through the Old Testament, with special attention to how God has always related to his people through covenant — and how grace has been the cornerstone of God’s dealings with humanity since the very beginning. Gain eye-opening insights into the culture, traditions, and prevailing religious views to fully grasp the enormity of Jesus’ message.

Genesis to Revelation: New Testament

Journey through the books of the New Testament and follow the history of the Jews’ return from Babylon, the life and writings of the Postexilic community, Messianic expectations at the time of Jesus, the Gospels and Acts and first century Judaism, and the New Testament writings. Through the life and death of this radical rabbi Jesus, God’s kingdom breaks into human history to begin its eternal reign.

+ Truth In Action

Study topics designed to foster a transformative understanding of biblical worldview and Christ-like character that can be applied across academic disciplines and all areas of life – personal, public, and professional.

Understanding the Faith

A study in apologetics that lays the foundation for a Christian worldview by showing how the Bible is both authoritative and true. Learn to think critically, defend your faith, and apply Christ's life and teaching, allowing His transformative presence to impact all aspects of your life.

Understanding the Times

Your view of God determines your view of the world. Study today's six most significant worldviews and how this battle of ideas intersects within 10 key academic disciplines of theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, psychology, sociology, law, politics, economics, and history.

Understanding the Culture

How can an authentic Christian worldview provide a compassionate, effective witness in culture today? This course encourages you not only to think faithfully but also to live faithfully, equipping you to be a Christian witness in your personal and professional relationships.

The American Republic

To play our part, we must understand what the founders intended when they created the greatest nation in the world. Upon this foundation, learn the importance of leading a civic and virtuous life and how to participate in our American Republic.

+ Career Readiness

Dig deep into your strengths to discover your path to God's future for you. Find career options that best suit your unique gifts, test them out, and build the skills you need to succeed.

Vocation By Design

Study the biblical view of vocation and assess your career options in light of understanding your unique, God‐purposed design. Practical and professional principles are taught and practiced to help you impact and influence people in real‐world applications.

Career Calling

Whether you are a T.V. anchor, housewife, laborer, nurse, or lawyer, you have a circle of influence and the ability to shape your culture for Christ – to be a change agent. Complete a vocation‐related experience and explore God’s call to impact the culture in your sphere of influence.

Service Learning

Blend instruction with a meaningful social and entrepreneurial service learning experience. We challenge you to apply your personal and professional skills and critical thinking to participate in transformational change — both globally and in your community.

Servant Leadership

Whether you are called to be a CEO, teacher, or parent, your ability to engage in Christ‐like service can impact generations to come. Study servant leadership by looking at a portrait of marriage from the pages of scripture, and study professional leadership roles that focus on learned influence. Both are needed in today’s challenging culture.

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+ Life Skills

Entering your college years, you are expected to have many skills that people use every day. There's just one problem — perhaps nobody taught you how to do them! We're here to change that and teach you skills you can use for the rest of your life.

Foundations of Personal Finance

Created by Dave Ramsey, this class bridges the gap between theory‐based education and practical application. Designed specifically for college‐age students, this course spans all areas of personal finance, equipping you with essential information that empowers you to understand and manage your finances.

Life Skills

We take a look at all areas — physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual — and build skills that will help you in everyday life during your college years and beyond. This course includes topics such as time management, problem‐solving, cooking, doing laundry, and changing a tire!