Virtues Campus Program

Like nothing you have experienced



We start with a Christian World View lens and work through tough issues of faith, community, and life in a safe cohort community.



Virtues campus is more than a classroom, it is a tribe and a place to belong, a supportive environment to question, not know, and grow! Life-long friendships are forged here.



You won’t get left behind. Earn credits through our accredited partner, Waldorf University. But it’s more than just credits — we help you prepare for the paths Christ has designed for you. We focus on your Strengths*, your purpose & calling, your passion, and real-world opportunities to help you confidently choose what to pursue in school and life.


The Virtues Campus Model


On Campus

• Christ-centered curriculum
• Guidance and mentorship
• Connected community
• Major/career assistance





• Accredited college courses
(Offered at discount)