The Virtues Campus is a flexible program designed to meet the needs of today's student. Students enroll in online university courses individually selected to fit their chosen major. At the same time, students dual enroll at a local Virtues Campus where they come together and take classes that ground them in a biblical worldview, and prepare them to enter the 21st century job market! 

  • Students meet three days a week on campus.
  • New students can enroll either fall and spring semester.
  • Classes are held during the traditional school year.
  • Enrollment for each campus is capped at 25 students.

Classes at The Virtues Campus focus on three main areas:

We are proud to be in partnership with Waldorf University. Established in 1903, Waldorf is a liberal arts university with Christian foundations where high ethical standards, philanthropy, and cultural diversity are encouraged. Located in Forest City, Iowa, Waldorf offers both online and residential degree programs. The Virtues Campus does not grant college credit or award academic degrees. This is done through a college or university.

Waldorf University Online Offers:

  • Exceptional student services including tutoring at no cost
  • No ACT or SAT required for admission
  • Financial aid is available
  • Textbooks on loan through Waldorf Book Grant
  • Flexible, affordable, quality online programs

2 + 2 Campus Scholarship for Virtues Graduates — $25,000


After completing The Virtues Campus two year program, students can choose to complete their degree with Waldorf University Online, on campus with Waldorf University, or transfer and complete their degree with another college. Virtues Campus students choosing to finish at Waldorf's beautiful campus in Forest City, Iowa are eligible for the 2 + 2 Campus Scholarship.