Virtues Gap Year

Discover Your Future


Taking a break to figure things out? We’ll help you find the way! 

The Virtues Campus Gap Year option is a one-year program for students looking to…


Gain Direction

We focus on your strengths, your purpose and calling, your passion, and real-world opportunities to help you confidently choose what to pursue in school and life. Our in-depth career assessment and readiness program helps you identify your God-given design and prepare for His future for you.


Grow In Your Faith

College life will surely test your faith. And faith and quality of life are directly linked. We focus on maturing in faith in community at Virtues. It is a critical part of our DNA. We work through the tough issues of faith in action, in life, in our society.


Be a Part of Something

Virtues Campus is more than a classroom, it is a tribe and a place to belong, a supportive environment to question, not know, and grow! Life-long friendships are forged here.


Travel Internationally

Explore more of the world with fellow “gappers” on a professionally guided cultural immersion trip. Next stop — Israel and Jordan!


Build Life Skills

Entering your college years, you are expected to have many skills that people use every day. There's just one problem — perhaps nobody taught you how to do them! We're here to change that and teach you skills you can use for the rest of your life.


Interested in a Gap Year but don’t want to get left behind?
We’ve got you covered.

While enrolled in our Gap Year program, you’ll have the option of working on your general education credits by taking accredited classes through our partner, Waldorf University. Waldorf offers our students a 32 percent discount on tuition.