Unsure about what to do after high school? We can help!

The Virtues Campus is an educational program that combines career assessment and readiness training with Bible instruction that can be applied to all areas of life. Our goal is to prepare post-secondary students for their next step in life and beyond. Study who God is and who he wants you to be. 

Enroll in The Virtues Campus as a standalone program, or take additional classes to work on your college degree at the same time.

Local Host Church

Students meet on local church campuses. Trained academic pastors provide guidance, teaching, and oversight. Congregations encourage and support students.

Integrating Truth

Students learn to think critically and apply Christ's life and teaching, allowing his transformative presence to impact all areas of their lives: personal, public, and professional.


Called and Equipped

Our career-readiness program helps students identify their strengths and passions so they can pursue a life of purpose. Community service, civic engagement, internship coaching, and job shadowing equip our students to graduate with confidence and readiness.


Students learn in a rich community environment. Their peers, the church, the local community, and local businesses become their living classroom.


Associate's and Bachelor's degrees are awarded from our regionally accredited partner university. The Virtues Campus is not a credit-granting institution.


Our partnership with Waldorf provides students with a large discount on tuition. But affordable tuition is just the beginning — work part-time and graduate debt-free.