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College life will surely test your faith. And faith and quality of life are directly linked. We focus on maturing in faith in community at Virtues. It is a critical part of our DNA.


Bring Your Faith

A growing trend is showing that college freshmen say goodbye to their faith soon after arriving on campus, with 7 out of 10 students leaving the church during their college years.

The years immediately following high school are years of rapid change and growth, shedding your teen years, leaving home, and jumping in to the next chapter of your journey. We want you to bring your faith with you!


Grow Your Faith

Unearth the deeper meaning as to why you believe what you believe, and discover how to defend your faith as well. We not only deepen your faith, but also challenge it to help you grow in Christ.


Integrate Your Faith

Too many Christians live dis-integrated lives. At Virtues Campus, we are all about integration. We focus on combining our faith with the rest of our lives — integrating our work, our faith, our calling, and our strengths.

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