Looking for an affordable, Christian college education?

The Virtues Campus brings together the flexibility of online classes with a local on-campus community.
It is the first of its kind, offering students an affordable, accredited, biblically integrated liberal arts education.

Local Host Church

Students meet on local church campuses. Trained academic pastors provide guidance, teaching, and oversight. Congregations encourage and support students.

Integrating Truth

Students learn to think critically and apply Christ's life and teaching, allowing His transformative presence to impact all areas of their lives: personal, public, and professional.



Associate's and Bachelor's degrees are awarded from our regionally accredited partner university. The Virtues Campus is not a credit-granting institution.


Our partnership with Waldorf provides students with a large discount on tuition. But affordable tuition is just the beginning — work part-time and graduate debt-free.

Called and Equipped

Our career-readiness program helps students identify their skills and passions so they can pursue a life of purpose. Community service, civic engagement, internship coaching, and job shadowing equip our students to graduate with confidence and readiness.


Students learn in a rich community environment. Their peers, the church, the local community, and local businesses become their living classroom.


Students enroll in online university courses while meeting together on a local host church campus for on-campus classes. This unique style of learning gives students the freedom of a flexible study schedule, while allowing them to enjoy a campus experience where they collaborate on academic projects with their peers, participate in career-readiness activities, and study how God's Word is applied to learning and living.

We know that students who are engaged in their field of interest and with their community while completing their degree graduate with purpose and direction. That is why The Virtues Campus pairs earning a college degree with gaining practical experience. While enrolled, students are encouraged to put their academic knowledge into practice immediately and build their professional experience through internship coaching and job shadowing, working a part-time job, and engaging in community service learning activities. Our program design creates lifelong friendships, builds students' credentials, and establishes a professional community network that propels students toward their academic and career goals. Trained academic pastors are the heartbeat of our campuses, encouraging and equipping students to apply their studies in ways that integrate character, truth, and integrity.