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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is a degree through The Virtues Campus accredited?
A. At The Virtues Campus, we assist students seeking an accredited degree by offering a faith-integrated community environment for students enrolled in online classes. While enrolled in The Virtues Campus, students dual enroll in a college that offers accredited online courses. We invite students to consider enrolling with our partner, Waldorf University, as Virtues students receive a sizable discount. Waldorf is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and provides fully accredited Associates and Bachelor's degrees. Colleges/universities award credits and grant degrees. The Virtues Campus itself does not award credits or grant degrees.

Q. Can I receive credit for CLEP, DSST, AP, prior courses, or my experience?
Students who would like to have their prior academic credits, training, and relevant professional licenses and certifications evaluated for credit will work directly with the admissions staff at the university in which they are enrolled.

Q. How long will it take me to get my degree?
That is up to you! The Virtues Campus is a two year program. While enrolled, students take courses through an online university as well as on-campus courses at a host church. We help students choose courses and set a pace that encourages graduating with an Associate's degree in two years and a Bachelor's in four. We also work with students to accelerate that schedule by applying previously earned credits and taking credit-by-exam tests.

Q. Will my credits transfer?
Students who have completed some, but not all of their lower level credits may find the flexibility of The Virtues Campus a great fit for the next two years. Students enroll in online university courses as determined by their individual degree plan. Both the advisors at Waldorf University as well as The Virtues Campus will provide guidance in selecting courses suitable to each student’s goal.

Q. Is The Virtues Campus program only for the first two years of a student's college? My son is basically done with his first two years, almost has an associates degree but now is unsure which way he wants to go from here.
A. The Virtues Campus can be a great place for students to finish up their last two years of college! Here is how it would look ... Students enroll in their choice of colleges that offers online courses. We recommend our partner university, Waldorf, where Virtues students receive a sizable discount on tuition, but do not restrict students to this choice. Students complete their individual online courses while also attending a local Virtues Campus. On campus they will complete 12 Virtues courses across their two years with us. These courses are designed to (1) equip students with a Biblical worldview and (2) help them identify their vocational interests and develop career-readiness skills, including community service, an internship, and digital portfolio. Some Virtues courses have the option to earn students with college credit with Waldorf University. Students can choose whether to take the for-credit option or not (for-credit comes with an additional cost), depending on the courses they have left to complete their degree. Contact us and meet with an academic pastor to discuss your vocational goals and review your transcripts to determine if Virtues is the best choice for completing your education.

Q. Do you offer or accept federal financial aid?
A. Financial aid is available through our partner university.  

Q. Are you affiliated with a specific church?
The Virtues Campus shared a distinctly Christian perspective, however, it is not affiliated with any particular denomination or church.

Q. My GPA is below 2.0. Can I still apply?
Yes. The Virtues Campus is interested in supporting and helping all students achieve their academic goals. Some students may need developmental courses to obtain college-readiness skills before enrolling in our program. This is to safeguard students from paying for something that they may not be equipped to complete or benefit from.

Q. Is a TOEFL score required?
The Virtues Campus requires international students to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam as part of the admission process. ACT or SAT scores may be substituted for the TOEFL score. Students who achieve a minimum paper based score of 500 or internet based score of 61 will be considered for regular admission.