Virtues Campus Program

Like nothing you have experienced



We start with a Christian lens and work through tough issues of faith, community, and life in a safe cohort community.



Virtues Campus is more than a classroom. It is a tribe and a place to belong, a supportive environment to question, not know, and grow!
Lifelong friendships are forged here.



You won’t get left behind. Earn credits through our accredited partner, Waldorf University. But it’s more than just credits — we help you prepare for the paths Christ has designed for you. We focus on your strengths, your purpose and calling, your passion, and real-world opportunities to help you confidently choose what to pursue in school and life.


The Virtues Campus Model


On Campus

• Christ-centered curriculum
• Guidance and mentorship
• Connected community
• Major/career assistance





• Accredited college courses
(Offered at discount)